Time, Money, Options, Guidance (T.M.O.G.)

The 7 Key Tenets to Successful Long-Term Investing are the foundation by which Armory Capital Management will manage a portfolio. In order to implement this strategy, an investor will need Time, Money, Options and Guidance.

In the world of investing, time is your ally. Each of us has a varying degree of time based upon our age. Younger to middle aged investors typically enjoy the benefit of more time than an older investor. Therefore, market fluctuations are spread out over a long time horizon that carves out shorter-term volatility. An investor at or near retirement must consider time in a different light and be certain that their investments are allocated in the proper manner so that market fluctuations have less of an impact on their portfolio. After retirement, an investor may look beyond their lifetime and implement an investment strategy that benefits future generations.

Certainly no one can be a successful investor if they don't have money to invest. Sources of money include retirement plan assets, inheritance, sale of an asset such a business or home, among others. Whether the sum is large or small, the 7 Key Tenets apply to all investors.

There is certainly no shortage of investment options or vehicles available to investors. In fact, the sheer number of available options can be daunting. The investment options an investor selects should be the result of careful study and extensive consideration.

Many times, the best way to tie this all together is to seek investment guidance from an outside source. Armory Capital Management offers investment council based upon the 7 Key Tenets. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your investment goals and objectives.